“An app without content is like…

a restaurant without a kitchen.” –We Just Made That Up

The latest, wiz-bang app is 100% useless without compelling content that’ll engage your customers. Let’s talk about developing a custom content package that’ll keep your app relevant while also driving your digital and traditional marketing efforts.

The slideshow features content we have created for some of the biggest names in Boston hospitality:

7 Seconds of AR+ Hospitality

TV Spot

Logo Exploration

On-Site Video Loop

Augmented-Rewards (1)


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All of this HG for hire stuff is great and all but

the real action is going on here at


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Looking for tight lines?

Just launched: Black Brook Salmon Club site.



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Don’t be a d-bag and steal images. I am glad to work out a deal with those interested in anything I have created. Contact me @ harry.groome@gmail.com.

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LLC Hats and Shirts


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Blazing Paddles for sale #1

Here are two shirts for sale to the public.


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Mr. Booker Goes To Washington

Fans Without Footprints™

Films Without Footprints (part of the FWF franchise) believes in and congratulates NJ’s newest senator Cory Booker! Well deserved. Now get down there and put some function in the current state of dysfunction.

For your viewing pleasure here is the campaign spot we produced for his Newark mayoral victory. View the case study here and see how this production supported Newark’s Branch Brook Park Alliance.

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Cheeky? Sure. Douchebaggy? Probably.

Fans Without Footprints™

Just today we were asked by a member of the Green Sports Alliance to “refrain from regularly making your FWF facebook and twitter posts be cheeky slaps at the real accomplishments of the teams/leagues/alliance as if fans are the only way to bring about change in the sports industry…”

While we acknowledge our posts of late have erred on the side of “cheeky” and some have been down right “douchebaggy” our intent is not to go negative but rather point out the broader context of sports/teams not aggressively seeking fan engagement in the name of sustainability. And we will continue to do so until the leaders of the #greensports movement embrace fan engagement programs (be it FWF or any other) with the same energy they have put against the greening of their operations.

Look, we are fans of any actions meant to green up sports and have repeatedly highlighted…

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Rewards app with a side of features and extra sauce

Our restaurant rewards demo is coming very soon. Email harry.groome@gmail.com and you’ll be the 1st to get the links (iOS and Android).


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Career Adjustment

Inspired by the results of recent interviews, reality and of course, Arrested Development.


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BREAKING: Custom Rewards Apps Ready to Roll in 90 Days!

NEWS FLASH: The Rewardinator Engine has just begun construction and custom rewards apps will begin coming off the line in 90 days.  Good for all products and services wanting to reward their customers. Call now to get yours! 781.483.3399


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Let The Rewardinator help you top that #


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Dragon and Nuance brand video


Went in for a series of interviews with Nuance Communications. Makers of Dragon speech recognition software. Great company. Great people. Great products. Thought it was going to be a good fit. Didn’t get the job. I was bummed. Went back that afternoon and cranked out a video with a few ideas I had for their brand. Let me know what you think. On strategy? Fits with their brand? Right approach? Waste of time?

***BTW, “Unleash Your Inner Dragon” and “Nobody Knows You Like Nuance” are lines I came up with all by myself.

If you like what you see you gotta ask yourself:

“How come I am not working with HG for hire this year?”

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HG for hire: Here to help

View my profile on LinkedIn:


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Leaving the facebook: It’s Now Or Never


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Still #winning with Charlie Sheen

Use your smartphone/tablet and your layar app to see if Charlie thinks his mug is a winner or a loser.


If you like what you see you gotta ask yourself: “How come I am not working with HG for hire this year?”

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The Lance Armstrong Truth App

Use your smartphone/tablet and your layar app to get to the bottom of this whole Lance Armstrong debacle.

If you like what you see you gotta ask yourself: “How come I am not working with HG for hire this year?”




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The Cup 1/2 full


Use your smartphone/tablet and your layar app to watch The Cup come to life. Aaah, the good old days.

If you like what you see you gotta ask yourself: “How come I am not working with HG for hire this year?”


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Awake The Flavor

Use your smartphone/tablet and your layar app to watch MoGo’s Winter Frost mouthguard burst to life.

You’ll be able to follow MoGo on twitter and facebook, see an educational video explaining the difference between regular and MoGo mouthguards, and with a touch of the screen buy your very own MoGo.

Bring flat and everyday promotions, displays, ads, posts, and packaging to life and leave the competition “shocked” and dismayed.

If you like what you see you gotta ask yourself: “How come I am not working with HG for hire this year?”

Scan just the mouthguard with layar here:


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The walls are rocking at Boston’s Alibi Bar + Lounge

Turn the mugshots at the Alibi Bar & Lounge into rock shows, celebrity highlight reels,  promotional billboards, and the coolest reservation booker in Boston.

Use your layar app below and watch Mick and the boys crank out a driving rendition of “Street Fighting Man” and then make a reservation for an unforgettable night at Alibi.

If you like what you see you gotta ask yourself: “How come I am not working with HG for hire this year?”

Mick's Mug

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towne stove + spirits AR test

Feast your eyes and ears on this.

A bit slow loading due the third-party AR browser but this will give an idea of the power of adding an interactive coat to a “flat” ad or post.  To view download the app for iPhone and Android at layar.com.

If you like what you see then you gotta ask yourself; “How come I am not working with HG for hire this year?”


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See the future. Be the future.

To experience the buzz download the Layar app and then scan the image below.


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NHL Lockout PSA

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Breaking Google

Supported by

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Choose from today’s branding buffet

 HG for hire

short + long-term engagements wanted:

Fans Without Footprints

marketing partners wanted:

Films Without Footprints

client, agency, and studio partners wanted:


supply and $$ partners wanted:

Mojo Marketing

clients with small to large budgets wanted:

View Harry Groome's profile on LinkedIn   781.483.3399

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Slow Jammin’ Towne’s Yelp Reviews

An actual Yelp Review of Towne Stove + Spirits we put to a bit of music.  Food for thought.

See more more of my Towne creative here.

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t boone’s problem

any oldie but a goodie:

t boone pickens wanted to kick start awareness and support for his pickens plan. and before his visits to the daily show and his world media tour he ran a youtube video contest looking for the video that best communicated his plan.  well i entered and won the whole shooting match.

this win provided the momentum for the launch of fans without footprints and my journey in providing sustainable marketing solutions for all.

the video has received 19,000+ views and counting. see it here along with some kind words from t boone himself:

helping spread the word.

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towne stove and spirits’ problem

towne stove and spirits is boston’s brand spanking new 2 floor, three bar, culinary extravaganza with world famous chefs creating never before seen dishes, boston’s top booze slingers mixing heavenly potions, and a bar scene where cougars, chicks, and sharks seamlessly mingle in an ocean of excitement.

so, you ask, what’s the problem?

what i didn’t mention is that this 350 seat ball of excitement opened right in the recession’s sweet spot without a marketing budget and had to, from day 1, hit the ground running–no, FLYING.

not even considering the “if you build it they will come” approach, together with lyons group we launched an aggressive 3 month multi-layered social media blitz.

a lethal mix of building towneboston.com, powering up townetv, engaging towne’s facebook followers, tweeting real-time happenings, nurturing the all-powerful review sites, and a table turning gift card program combined to create the rocket fuel that has propelled towne to their record-breaking opening.

if you don’t believe me try to get a reservation tonight (give me a call and i may be able to help you out).

take a minute to peruse the multitude of fixes and i think you’ll agree that this is the swankiest launch campaign in towne:

let’s start with the latest eye-candy featuring towne’s valentine’s day cocktail:

and for the main course here’s lots of work supporting my twice daily multi-media posting habit:

(click for close ups)

i know this helped.

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Safest Places

Safest Places Square2We would like to develop a product/platform/program for schools that will protect children in a way that does not reduce their freedom and fun, assure parents that their children will be safe, and enable teachers and staff to be proactive in preventing and addressing abuse.

We invite you to join this think tank so we can make schools one of the Safest Places for children.


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I am building a tech platform for teachers, staff and students. Partners wanted.

HG 4 EDUTECHIn the dynamic world of internal and external threats, our children’s safety while at school needs to be re-examined and supported by a multi-faceted, smoothly integrated and easily accessible suite of digital touch points assuring community-wide safety. I am interested in working with leading experts in the fields of education, security, finance, law enforcement, mental health, technology, and social science so please contact me if you are interested in discussing.

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Editor’s Note: I realize a lot of you are saying “When is this guy going to let this thing go? Time to move on!” I don’t blame you at all so going forward  I will be working things out privately. I am very much looking forward to the report’s release and regardless if Peterson stays or goes I am moving on without comment. Harry

While the SGS community awaits the Murphy Report in June and the Vanity Fair feature in July, I present this video documenting Eric Peterson’s failure to perform his legal obligation by taking a decade to report my complaint of sexual abuse to the Rhode Island State Police.

* The emails used in this video were sent to Marty Murphy in January 2016.

ALL persons in Rhode Island are required by law(RIGL 40-11-3) to report known or suspected cases of child abuse and/or neglect to the Department of Children, Youth, and Families within 24 hours of becoming aware of such abuse/neglect.Child abuse and neglect means the physical or mental injury, sexual abuse or exploitation, negligent treatment, or maltreatment of a child under the age of eighteen (18) by a person, including any employee of a residential facility or any staff person providing out-of-home care, who is responsible for the child’s welfare under circumstances indicating harm or threatened harm to the child’s health or welfare. The term encompasses both acts and omissions on the part of a responsible person.

A person responsible for a child’s welfare includes the child’s parent, guardian, foster parent, an employee of a public or private residential home or facility or other person legally responsible under State law for the child’s welfare in a residential setting, or any staff person providing out of home care. Out of home care means child day care, i.e. family child care, group child care, and center-based child care.

I will fully accept the findings of the Murphy Report and will not comment on the decisions the school makes going forward. Until then I will be telling the truth and demanding accountability.

Please send comments, let me know if you want me to stop sending you emails, and find me on twitter

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This is what I wore


Former St. George’s student says he was abused as a freshman

A look at the St. George’s School campus in Middletown, R.I.


A look at the St. George’s School campus in Middletown, R.I.

Harry Groome is 52 now, a successful marketing man with a wife and two kids, but his freshman fall at St. George’s School is only a bad memory away. At age 14, he arrived at the prep school in Middletown, R.I, excited to be leaving his small Pennsylvania town and settling into dorm life.

Each floor had three prefects, seniors selected by the faculty for their leadership, whose job was to oversee the floor and make sure the boys were in their rooms at night. One prefect proved more terrifying than helpful, recalled Groome.

“If he was on duty, it was mayhem,” said Groome, who lives in Arlington.

One Saturday night in early November, when the other two prefects were away on college visits, the third prefect called the boys into the hallway. He had a few other seniors with him, perhaps a half-dozen boys in all, Groome recalled.

He commanded Groome to stand atop a heavy-duty plastic trashcan, pull down his pants and underwear and bend over, according to Groome. He then penetrated the boy with a broomstick, Groome said, in an assault that lasted about a minute.

Groome is one of at least three former students who have reported sexual assaults by fellow students both to St. George’s School and to lawyers who are representing victims. Some of them will speak at a press conference Tuesday, said attorneys Carmen Durso and Eric MacLeish, who say they have heard from more than 40 victims of staff or student abuse at St. George’s, most of it in the 1970s and 80s.

A second St. George’s alumnus shared a similar account last week with the Globe of being raped by his senior prefect. Now 50 and a television writer in West Hollywood, the man was a 14-year-old sophomore, new to the school in the early ’80s, when it occurred, he said. He asked not to be identified.

As with Groome, his abuse started with hazing — such as being pummelled with a hairbrush — and then got worse. “One night the prefects came in and I thought I was going to get [hit again]. I was rolled onto my side and sodomized with a lacrosse stick.” It would happen three times over a few months, he said.

The boy was warned not to tell or there would be worse trouble. But after the second time, he went to his faculty adviser. “When I told him what happened, that I’d been attacked, he said, ‘Well, grow up.’ I’m not sure that a man grows up with a broomstick or a lacrosse stick stuck up him,” said the man, who went on to become a senior prefect himself.

Groome, while a student, never reported his own abuse to the school. “If you reported something, you were a ‘narc’ and you got the [expletive] kicked out of you,” Groome said. He told the Globe his story while his wife sat with him in MacLeish’s Cambridge offices. MacLeish and Durso are representing both men in the rape cases, which they say the Rhode Island State Police are investigating.

The school has been mired in an abuse scandal since three alumnae recently went public with their their stories of being assaulted by athletic trainer Al Gibbs in the late 1970s. The school’s own investigation, released in a Dec. 23 report, revealed that 26 students were sexually abused by school employees and that three former students each engaged in sexual misconduct toward three other students.

Groome’s abuser is described in the school’s report as Student Perpetrator #2, and the report says that “another student corroborated this as a witness.”

Among the student body, what happened to Groome was no secret. The 1979 yearbook shows a photo of Groome, in a trashcan, with a hockey stick next to him. The caption: “It’s better than a broomstick!”

In 2002, Groome sent a letter to St. George’s headmaster Charles Hamblet about the rape, writing that he was motivated to reveal it after “the occurrence of a similar event at Groton, by the realization of the long-term effect this has had on me, and by my new role as father and protector of my son . . . my intent is not to name names but to make the school aware that this crime was never reported due to an unspoken code and to help make sure today’s students are protected from something like this happening again.”

According to Groome, Hamblet — now deceased — thanked him, but nothing changed. When Eric Peterson became headmaster in 2004, Groome said he forwarded him the letter. In 2011, Groome said he again contacted the school, and Peterson invited him to campus, at which time Groome named his rapist and vented his frustration that the school had done nothing about it.

“I told him that St. George’s School would get through this if it got out in front of it, owned it and moved past it. Eric Peterson turned the conversation to the systems in place and gave me the school handbook, and that was it,” Groome said.

In a statement to the Globe, released through the school’s public relations firm, the school said that law enforcement has asked the school to “maintain confidentiality” regarding the names of victims and alleged perpetrators.

On Christmas Day, on a St. George’s School alumni site on Facebook, Groome posted a comment about his assault. “I have been made aware over the past few days that in addition to sexually assaulting me, [the alleged perpetrator] also sexually abused at least three other students . . . I’m really looking foward to getting this horrible chapter over with but not until all those involved are held responsible,” he wrote.

The victim who was assaulted with the lacrosse stick recalled that his first year at St. George’s, he read “Lord of the Flies,” the William Golding novel in which a group of British schoolboys stranded on a deserted island attempt to govern themselves, with disastrous results.

“It was amazing to me that I was reading ‘Lord of the Flies’ and living ‘Lord of the Flies,’ ” he said. “For a young boy, it was very confusing.”

Bella English can be reached at english@globe.com.

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Bud Scanner Demo

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| Augmented Rewards on WordPress.com

Photo post.

Source: | Augmented Rewards on WordPress.com

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LLC New Shirts


Good girls go to heaven. Everyone else goes to Loretta’s.

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