I’ll get right to it:  I am bringing my talent, passion, and experience to a brand looking to go to the next level and/or embracing sustainability as a way to make $$ and do good.  Marketing and branding  in a profitable and responsible manner has always been core to my career mission.

Almost everything you need to know about me is right here including my resume, portfolio, and scenes from my other ventures.

Be sure to also check out the fan engagement program I developed —Fans Without Footprints™.

And to view my work and strategic thinking visit Mojo Marketing  and Mojo Highlights.

And what appears in the problems + fixes sections are the first results of the HG for hire quick turnaround problem-solving experiment. Feel free to participate but you probably have better things to do.



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  1. stephen says:

    I have a serious guilt issue that stems from not providing food and beverage to fellow tailgaters at a rock ‘n roll show back in the eighties. Although I knew them, they had nothing to offer me so therefore I offered nothing to them. As it turns out, I witnessed one of them nearly twenty years later steamroll a good friends child during what I thought was an innocent game of whiffle ball in Connecticut. I can’t sleep at night…

  2. harry groome says:

    stepehen: see how cab calloway, a red cup, ear hair, and the mckenzie brothers all chime in.
    read the fix:

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