towne stove and spirits’ problem

towne stove and spirits is boston’s brand spanking new 2 floor, three bar, culinary extravaganza with world famous chefs creating never before seen dishes, boston’s top booze slingers mixing heavenly potions, and a bar scene where cougars, chicks, and sharks seamlessly mingle in an ocean of excitement.

so, you ask, what’s the problem?

what i didn’t mention is that this 350 seat ball of excitement opened right in the recession’s sweet spot without a marketing budget and had to, from day 1, hit the ground running–no, FLYING.

not even considering the “if you build it they will come” approach, together with lyons group we launched an aggressive 3 month multi-layered social media blitz.

a lethal mix of building, powering up townetv, engaging towne’s facebook followers, tweeting real-time happenings, nurturing the all-powerful review sites, and a table turning gift card program combined to create the rocket fuel that has propelled towne to their record-breaking opening.

if you don’t believe me try to get a reservation tonight (give me a call and i may be able to help you out).

take a minute to peruse the multitude of fixes and i think you’ll agree that this is the swankiest launch campaign in towne:

let’s start with the latest eye-candy featuring towne’s valentine’s day cocktail:

and for the main course here’s lots of work supporting my twice daily multi-media posting habit:

(click for close ups)

i know this helped.

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