the nfl’s problem

the music choice for today’s post should probably be what we all wake up to each morning. crank it.

the nfl is asking the familiar refrain from monday night football:

“are you ready for some football? it could be this year. but probably not. are you ready?  or for sure, maybe next year.  are you ready? you’ll come back even if we don’t have a season this fall right?  so are you ready? are you ready? are you ready for some football?”

for those of you that are still in denial about the prospect of no nfl next season, i’d start planning for empty sundays as the two sides are 4th and 26 apart.

here are two of the major blocking dummies in the way of this season. there are more but they haven’t stuck in my head.

(sources: skimming sports pages, overhearing chatter on espn, and what someone told me late the other night)

1. right now the owners get $1 billion off the top for profit and for expanding the” nfl brand” and they want another $1 billion to bring a team to la and to build new stadiums.

players think the owners are rich enough.

2. owners want an 18-game regular season. players hate this idea and say increased injuries like

compound fractures of the tibia will reduce their careers (avg. nfl career now is 3.4 years).

so, as a fan, what to do?

since the lockout of 1987 was many touchdown dances ago, here is a quick reminder of what fall sunday’s are like without football:

watching replacement players fills one with anxiety as your brain tells you there is something better on, something meaningful, something important. it’s friggin’ sunday, right? alas, no. there’s nothing else on.

what’s on is espn10 soccer programming and other boring sports like triathlons, poker, tennis, and

ice dancing.

sunday moods are dampened and there are expectations for increased productivity in lieu of couch time.

undoubtedly resulting in friction on the homefront.

and weekend beer consumption and meaningful conversations with friends will decrease to dangerous levels. threatening all that is right:

so what’s the fix for rescuing fall sundays in the event of no nfl? here are a few suggestions but i know you’ll agree these alone don’t do it. so digest them and add your own.

1. lingerie bowl expands to a full season of uniform ripping excitement

2. the superstars competition returns (with the old stars actually doing the competing–joe frazier, johnny unitas, rod laver, johnny bench, and other really old or dead guys)

and this time all of the competitors ingest naughty brownies prior to challenging the obstacle course.

3. nhl takes this opportunity to become a major spectator sport with the full-tilt support and promotion of fighting.

yep, i left a lot on the table for this one and did not fix it. so chime in and give a hand in safeguarding your fall sundays.

i hope this helps.

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