hello fans

warning: this post will be viewed by some as overtly promotional and falling well outside of the “send me a problem and i’ll come up with a fix for it” positioning you have grown to tolerate.  however, my creative juices are running on low at the moment but my passion for Fans Without Footprints is at an all-time high.

and growing FWF is good for you, good for your local environment, and when it turns into a viable business it’ll be good for me too. so i guess this is fixing problems after all.

here’s your problem:

you need tickets to the next game or concert and don’t feel good about dropping all of that coin on a one-time event.

well, ease your mind and check out the sustainable ticket purchase program crafted by FWF allowing you, the fan, to support local legacy projects:

buy any ticket thru www.fanswithoutfootprints.com and for no extra $$ to you

FWF will send 5% of the ticket(s) price to a green project in your area.

so next time you don’t have the hooks for freebies and are gonna have to shell out the loot, why not support your community by Thinking Locally and Cheering Vocally.

i hope this helps.

paid for by the future earnings of FWF.

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