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The Rewardinator launches FWF Trade Show Companion


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The Rewardinator Launches FWF Trade Show Companion

Friday, August 30, 2013

On Monday the FWF Trade Show Companion (iOS and Android) began rewarding conference-goers for their green actions.  First to try it out were attendees at the big green sports summit in Brooklyn.

FWF offered rewards for check-ins, viewing push content, interactions with sponsor programs, support of Brooklyn green projects, tweets using #GreenSports, and turning logos into interactive messaging with the FWF Augmented Reality scanner.

Rewards included a free drink with FWF, a limited-edition FWF t-shirt, and a contribution in the attendee’s name to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park Alliance. All done to add a layer of engagement, entertainment, education, and support to the audience experience.

We are waiting to hear comments like “Getting rewarded for learning more is a no-brainer.” and “I have seen the light for my brand–custom Augmented Reality content.” or “Educating and rewarding fans for recycling and reducing? Duh.” and will let you know when we do.

The conference got a lot of exposure. The attendees learned and earned. And Brooklyn got a little greener.

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