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Loretta’s Last Call T-Shirt/Hoodie/Hat ideas:

This is a group of lines that can be used with the Loretta’s Last Call name or can run alone.

Loretta’s Last Call:

Not just another Saturday night.

Wilder than any 8 second ride.

All Jacked Up.

Running with the fastest girl in town.

Deep in the heart of Massachusetts.
The party starts here. Get in line.

My kind of joint.

Gypsies, locals and fools.

Built for drinking beer.

My Boston Honkytonk.

Not just another Saturday night.

Breakin’ all the rules.

Truck Yeah.

Built for speed.

A shot of country.

Boot stoppin’ good.

Gets hotter when the sun goes down.

Where the street ends.

Deep in the belly of Boston.

Radio up. Windows down.

Boston Belle Raisin’ Hell (at Loretta’s.)

Moonshine Freedom (at Loretta’s.)

Loretta’s got a beer with your name on it.

It’s always Beer O’Clock (at Loretta’s.)

Team Loretta.

Loretta’s. That’s why.

Get your truck stuck (at Loretta’s.)


“Generic” T-Shirt/Hoody/Hat ideas:

Crash my party.

I’m a queen bee lookin’ for honey.

Last call for alcohol.

 One Bourbon. One Shot. One Beer.

When I drink alone I prefer to be by myself.

If you don’t start drinkin’ I‘m gonna leave.

I’m a whiskey drinkin’, cowboy chasin’, helluva time.

Team Loretta.

Running with the fastest girl in town.


 If I can’t wear my boots I ain’t goin’.

Drunk on you.

Save a horse. Ride a cowboy.

Whiskey down.

Gonna get a little sideways.

I’ll have what Willie’s having.

Kiss My Grits.

You make my speakers go Boom Boom.

Bout To Bust Out.

Tonight I’m your alibi.

Free Willie.

Ain’t gonna hide my crazy.


Social media visuals/posters/coasters:

The beer I had for breakfast wasn’t bad so I had one more for dessert.

My drinking problem left today. She packed her things and walked away.

Fill it to the brim Till my troubles grow dim.

My bucket’s got a hole in it.  I can’t buy no beer.

Whiskey River take my mind.

Whiskey River don’t run dry.

I’ve been a wild rover for many a year. Spent all my money on whiskey and beer.

Tequila Sunrise–one’s for my aching head, the other’s for my bloodshot eyes.

There’s a tear in my beer cause I’m crying for you dear.

Ain’t no big deal. It’s just whiskey under the bridge.

I’m always here at Loretta’s until closing time.

If you wanna pick a fight, well, I’m gonna have to say goodnight.

The mix in our drink’s a little stronger than you think.

Turning all the wrongs into right. I can drink to that all night.

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