problems + fixes (persons)

Newark’s Mayor Cory Booker and his team needed a high impact campaign commercial but with minimal impact on the city and its resources. read the fix.

Stephen Conley asks about guilt and wiffle balls and sees how the dead, ear hair, and fans without footprints help. read the fix.

Topher Wurts asks about viral waves and power tools and sees how dick dale, eco-friendly paint, and wheaties help. read the fix.

Leelee Groome asks about hookahs and gay bars. check out how madonna, puppies and marijuana help. read the fix.

Michelle Orman asks multi-faceted questions about men and the lack of bathroom etiquette. Fixes offered are supported by Sheryl Crow, Peter Griffin, and Snyder from One Day At A Time. read the fix.

Gus Bickford asks about Sarah Palin and his sister-in-law and insight is gleaned by fake SAT scores, wine, and towne stove and spirits. read the fix.

Thane Ryland asks about hip hop fashion and hears from Amy Winehouse, bodega boston, and Yoko. read the fix.

Max Cottrell asks about improving transportation in New Jersey and cabin fever and can now leave the house in style.  read the fix.

Stu Prall asks about medicine and doorways and a rolling chair, the Bengals, and a can of Schiltz all lend a helping hand. read the fix.

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