Hg for hire July 6, 2012

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  1. Frank Dickel says:


    Many years ago I represented a company selling a sophisticated state of he art medical device for monitoring brain function. The Duke University Neurology Department was one of our new devices. Of course, being a computer based system, there were some bugs in the software.

    I will always remember Dr. Bill Erwin for his tact. He talked to my boss in private about some of the glitches. However, he never had these discussions in public.

    Keep a positive public demeanor. What a lesson for me to learn.

    My boss, H B Evans was a southern gentleman. When he hired me he said, “Frank, here are two things to remember, !.) Dance with the one who brung you, because you never know when you may need a ride home and 2), make sure your Handshake is good.”

    So that is something I have tried to follow.

    If I have any opportunities for you I will be glad to pass the on.

    By the way, July 6, 2012 was my 62nd birthday.



    Frank Dickel ’72

    Hamilton College

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